White Chicken Enchiladas made with a creamy white sauce, green chilies, and shredded chicken. Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese smother flour tortillas to create a cheesy and delicious dish.


-Chicken -Flour Tortillas -Monterey Jack Cheese -Cheddar Cheese -Sour Cream -Green Chilies -Butter -Flour -Chicken Broth -Cilantro

1. Combine chicken & cheese in bowl. 2.  Spread chicken mixture on tortilla & roll up. 3. Repeat with tortillas. 4. Melt butter & white in flour. 5. Stir in broth & simmer. 6. Stir in sour cream & chilies until smooth. 8. Pour sauce onto tortillas. 9. Sprinkle with cheese & bake.


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